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Unique Vending Machines to Help New Zealanders, Australians Do Good This Christmas 

Some very unique vending machines in four locations in Australia and one for the first time in New Zealand, will make doing good for others very easy and fulfilling this coming Christmas season.

Five Light the World Giving Machines will make their appearance this Christmas season in the Australian cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and will debut for the first time in Auckland, New Zealand. These machines are just 5 of the 55 located throughout the world, as a part of a global movement dedicated to spreading love, hope, and support to those in need.

Giving Machines are unique vending machines in reverse. Instead of getting something for yourself, you give something to someone who needs it. They provide a fun and memorable way for the public to give to those in need.

The machines will be available on the following dates throughout the Christmas season: Auckland: 23 November, Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, Mt. Wellington; Melbourne: 23 November, Eastland Shopping Centre, Ringwood; Sydney: 23 November, Westpoint Shopping Centre, Blacktown; Brisbane: 24 November, Logan Hyperdrome; and Perth: 24 November, Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Joondalup,

The Giving Machines are an incredibly easy way to do good for someone else, by donating something critically needed to one of the many charities locally that are the recipients of each visitors Christmas “gift.”  Visitors to the Giving Machine walk up, peruse the various charitable gift options, and then in typical “vending machine” fashion, select something to give to someone else in need.

Each item or service is represented by a card that drops from the machine with every purchase.  Gifts are made via a secure credit card transaction, and visitors also have the option to scan a QR code to receive a receipt for your generous donation.

Following this Christmas season, in early 2024, 100% of the donation funds will be delivered to each charity, along with a comprehensive record of items chosen by donors. For a complete list of charities being partnered with in 2023, click HERE, then select “Locations” and then “Charity Partners” to view the list for your Giving Machine.

Since the first Giving Machine launched in the USA in 2017, hundreds of thousands of people have generously contributed more than $22 million to assist those in need. Now, Auckland, along with three cities in Australia join Brisbane in this incredible movement making a difference in people’s lives.

Use these hashtags on social media: #LightTheWorld #GivingMachine

To see videos that explain the Light the World Giving Machine experience, or share experiences from previous years, click below:

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