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New Caledonian Young Women #LightTheWorld Through Music and Serving Others

Evening program shows small and simple ways to help others

Last Saturday evening, the New Caledonia Nouméa Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched their annual “Light the World” program. 

This year, the Young Women of the stake were asked to lead it and they presented an evening program filled with hymns and testimonies of the things they did all over the last year to bring light to others.


Several of them spoke about their projects. 

Heyllisia said: “I was particularly touched by our work with homeless people. We made sandwiches for them to eat and when we delivered them, I felt so bad for them. But when we shared a message on the gospel, it was like their eyes changed and we could see a bit more light shining there.”

Lucy told us about how she is helping her grandmother. She stops by on her way home from school every day to clean her house. 

Cecila was so thankful for the help another young woman gave her when she was feeling down.

Georgie Guidi, stake president, was very impressed with what he heard. “This evening was a great success as our young women showed the other members of the stake that light can be brought to others with small and simple things, surely like our Savior did.” 

He continued, “The congregation felt it and will surely pass it on to others during this Christmas season.”

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