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Why Mormons Focus on Supporting and Strengthening Families

The International Day of Families is observed on the 15th of May every year.  1994 was designated as the International Year of Families by the United Nations.  This was established in response to changing social and economic structures which have affected and still affect the structure and stability of family units in many regions of the globe.  The International Day of Families was established by the UN to encourage people to reflect on the work started in 1994 and to celebrate the importance of families, people, societies and cultures around the world.  The International Day provides an opportunity to promote awareness of issues relating to families.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in 2013: “Families hold societies together, and intergenerational relationships extend this legacy over time.  This year’s International Day of Families is an occasion to celebrate connections among all members of the constellation that make up a family.  It is also an opportunity to reflect on how they are affected by social and economic trends – and what we can do to strengthen families in response.”

Many celebrations will be held worldwide in honour of the International Day of Families.  To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this event a special observance will be held in the UN headquarters.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints value the importance of strong familiesElder James J. Hamula, Pacific Area President of the Church, stated, “All people want happiness, peace, and prosperity; and strong families lead to these things and many more benefits to individuals and societies.” He continued, “We encourage civic, faith, and other community leaders to do all they can to assist families to do very well, because the success of our societies is grounded in the success of our families.”

The responsibility of parents to their children is emphasized in the Church statement: “The Family: A Proclamation to the World.”

It reads, in part, “Husband and wife have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. ‘Children are an heritage of the Lord’ (Psalms 127:3).  Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, to teach them to love and serve one another, to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live.  Husbands and wives – mothers and fathers – will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a family-centred church. Latter-day Saint families support a program across the Church entitled “Family Home Evening.” Families are encouraged to gather together one night a week, usually Monday evening, to study scriptures, discuss family problems, plan activities, and have fun together. The Church advocates daily family prayer and scripture study.  Other family programs include, a worldwide genealogical search website; addiction recovery resources; and LDS Family Services, which provides family and marriage counselling among other services.

Elder M. Russell Ballard, an Apostle for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said, “It is important to remember that all larger units of society depend on the smallest and most fundamental unit, the family.  No matter who or what we are, we help ourselves when we help our families.”

Driving Latter-day Saints’ efforts with respect to strengthening families, as stated on, is “one of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ core beliefs…that family relationships can last forever—not just for this life.”

Watch videos about Latter-day Saint beliefs and resources with respect to supporting and strengthening families.


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