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Tahitian Teen Featured on Cover of Global Church Publication

She saw it for the first time while on holiday with her family

Imagine your surprise if you walked into a bookstore and saw your face on your church’s international magazine for young people.

That is how Tahiti native Linahei Dauphin felt when she saw the March 2022 issue of For the Strength of Youth published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She and her family were on vacation in the United States when they saw a copy of the magazine inside a local shop.

“When I entered, I saw the magazines and my picture on the front page,” Linahei said.

“I was happy and embarrassed at the same time. I realized that this magazine was going to tell about my experiences all over the world. It's almost overwhelming. The women who worked at the shop congratulated me. My family congratulated me. My friends did the same.”

In the article, Linahei tells how she had a dream about one of her ancestors that convinced her to research her family history.

She also made a video about her experience.

I never thought it would go all over the world,” she said.

“I said to my mother that all this effort is useless and my video will never be published. And my mother said: ‘Be patient, one day it will be your turn.’”

When a box of these magazines in the English language were sent to Linahei’s family, they put them to good use. They were used by other teenagers who were learning to speak English in a class at a local Church building.

The young people in Linahei’s congregation were very proud to read her story.

  • Temaohi, 17: “Tahiti is a small island compared to the world and to see that a Tahitian from our ward appears in this magazine is extraordinary. What I admire about her is her love for the gospel and the many experiences related to the family and the temple she has.”
  • Teheituanui, 16 : "I know that she loves everyone and above all she loves doing the work of the Lord and helping all kinds of people.”
  • Rosemay, 15: “When I read Linahei's article, I immediately thought of her kindness. The way she talks to people is gentle, respectful and she really appreciates taking care of people. Linahei is not distinguished by the way she dresses or speaks but rather by the way she acts with others.”
  • Kiivai, 16: “She has a great sense of humor and when I'm with her, I laugh all the time because she really gives me joy. It is great to see a young girl from Tahiti appear in this magazine. I feel honored to see her being featured.”
  • Felicia, 12: “When I read Linahei's story it reminded me of when I first went to the temple to be baptized for my ancestors. I was stressed before going there but when I walked through the gates of the temple, I was very happy and excited. And I felt the spirit and the peace within. Even if we are young, we can go to the temple and save our ancestors.”

“I feel that I am loved by the Lord,” Linehei said. “I live on a small island in the Pacific and yet I can make a difference in the simple things I accomplish in my everyday life.”

She added, “I encourage young people to do what they think is good to do. Choose to act and do it. I know that each time I do the right thing, I feel my faith and trust in God grow.”

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