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Scripture Class Helps Youth Through Tough Teenage Years

A group of Fiji teenagers recently shared their feelings about Seminary, a religious education program offered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Some members of the group are coming to the end of the four-year program, and are looking back on their experiences and how they have grown. 

Young people have studied in the Church’s Seminary program since the first class was organized in a high school in Salt Lake City, United States in 1912. 

Since then, teens the world over have participated in Seminary as a class in their high school or in an early morning class before school.  In some cases, individual youth participate in the program at home.  Many are joining in online groups so they can study the scriptures together from different, sometimes remote, locations.

The following comments were made recently by teenagers in Fiji who are looking back on one to four years of participation in Seminary:


Aledi Seru: “Seminary means so much to me because it helps me every day and gives me peace before I start the school day.”

Lini-Jean Racule: “Seminary has given me the ability to go home at the end of each day and look at each experience I’ve had, spiritually. “

David Keola:  “Seminary has softened my heart towards others and has helped me to forgive others. So it means a lot to me.”

Merewalesi Dakunimata: “I love Seminary because it has taught me to be confident and be bold to speak up.” 

Mele Qaga:  “I am grateful for Seminary because it has helped me make better choices. It has made me grateful for the atonement [of Jesus Christ] and encourages me to strive to become more like the Saviour every day.”

Bob Koto:  “I love Seminary because it has given me a new sense of direction and helped me draw closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.”

Tomasi Tawake:  “I love Seminary because it has taught me to keep my family and religion close to me heart.”

James Manueli:  “I have become more humble because of Seminary.”

Sitiveni Kama:  “Seminary has given me the strength to overcome trials that have come my way these past few years.”

Sesimani Dulaki:  “I am grateful for Seminary because through it I am able to find joy and happiness through the atonement of Jesus Christ.”

Raephile Manueli:  “I have learnt to be humble and grateful for things that I have because of Seminary.”

Rachael Prasad: “I’m grateful for Seminary because it has made me the person I am today. Seminary has helped me grow spiritually and has given me the strength to stand for the truth.”                           

Laisenia Tuinamoala: “I am going to serve a mission because of Seminary.”    

Jeanette Maiwiriwiri: “I love Seminary because I get to learn so much more about the scriptures and our purpose here on earth.”

Taniela  Lagilagi:  “For me, Seminary helps youths prepare for eternal life.”

Losapina Takapu: “I am grateful for the seminary program. It strengthens my testimony and faith and most importantly, it has given me the desire to serve a mission.”

Eseta Tuinamoala: “Seminary is a preparation for things to come, because at times, it will get hard. Seminary helps you put on the complete armour of God and your journey has just begun.”


Over the course of four years, Seminary students study The Old Testament, The New Testamant, The Book of Mormon, and Latter-day Saint Church history.

The seminary program was started over 100 years ago.  The program has since grown into a worldwide system of religious education; bringing gospel instructions to young members of the Church throughout the world. 

Youth who complete the courses offered in Seminary are recognized by local Church leaders for their dedication and achievements.

Read more about Seminary and some of the youth who are involved in the program.




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