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Saving Lives in Kiribati

VHF radios donated by LDS Charities will help medical and ambulance personnel communicate more effectively

South Tarawa, Kiribati, has one main hospital in Nawerewere and six ambulances. 

Until recently there has been no means of communication between hospital and the ambulances.  The ambulances cover all of South Tarawa and can travel up to forty minutes one way on an emergency call. 


Knowing that many lives could be saved with upgraded technology, LDS Charities (the welfare arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) donated a VHF Radio Base Station at the hospital communications centre and VHF radios in the hospital emergency room and all ambulances.

Communication between the hospital and the ambulances with the new radio equipment will provide improved patient care and the possibility of saving lives increases.

Ambulance medical technicians will be able to relay patient details to the hospital emergency room from the scene of an accident then get advice and individualized treatment at the scene or enroute.


Because a patient can be diagnosed and stabilized with advice from the emergency room, time spent diagnosing upon arrival at the hospital is shortened.  Staff in the emergency room can prepare for the arrival of the patient, treatments can be set up and lives that would have otherwise be lost can be saved.


The hospital communications centre will be able to track the exact locations of ambulances enabling the ambulances to change plans while out if required by the emergency room or communications centre.

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