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Mormon Missionaries Focus on Serving Others and Sharing Faith

For Felicity Van Zyl and Jasmine Robins, serving as missionaries with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is all about sharing their faith with others.

Sister Van Zyl, as she is known for the 18 months of her mission in Auckland, New Zealand, says, "I share my faith by sharing what I believe, what’s in my heart. It’s all centred on my Saviour. Sharing my faith is sharing my heart."

In addition to helping others, Sister Van Zyl says she has grown personally during her missionary service.

"By being able to share my faith I have been able to come to know Jesus Christ and God more deeply. Especially by testifying of their reality and their nature."

Her missionary companion, Sister Jasmine Robins, has a similar perspective.

"I share my faith when I show it through my actions," Sister Robins says. "People see your faith more through your example rather than just your words.  Action first, words second."
"Sharing my faith helps me realise how much I love God and other people. When we give of ourselves we are finding ourselves."
Sister Robins says she "adores the people of New Zealand."

"They are down to earth, very welcoming and charitable."

Sister Van Zyl is from Durban, South Africa, and is about to complete her 18 months mission. Sister Robins is from Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to sharing their faith and beliefs with people, missionaries also provide service each week in the communities in which they live. 

Watch a short video about Mormon missionaries.

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