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Mayor and Mormon Missionaries Meet in New Caledonia

Mayor of the New Caledonia commune of La Foa, Ms Corrine Voisin, met with missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently.

Elder Tuiarii Tefaaite and Elder Bradley Mackay spoke with Mayor Voisin about Latter-day Saint beliefs regarding marriage and family, and the faith’s emphasis on community service. They also explained how Latter-day Saint missionaries and members strive to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Mayor Voisin identified the current needs of the community of La Foa. She stated that starting in their youth people have little direction for themselves. They then become adults and realize that their lives are unfulfilled. She also shared her view that there exists a lack of communication regarding rights and responsibilities.

The meeting was ended on a personal note with Mayor Voisin and the missionaries talking about their individual lives. They then parted, anxious to work together for the improvement of the community.

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