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'Living Christ' Activity Inspires Young Queenslanders

Teenagers from Brisbane, Australia recently took part in a week-long youth conference called “For the Strength of Youth” or “FSY.”

Activities included games, a dance, workshops and devotionals.

One activity, called “The Living Christ,” was especially memorable for many participants. It involved the young people listening to a hymn about Jesus Christ, followed by an opportunity to write a message about their faith, especially how following the Saviour enriches their lives on a daily basis.

Young people from Brisbane Australia recently attended a
Young people from Brisbane Australia recently attended a "For the Strength of Youth" conference.
Young people from Brisbane Australia recently attended a "For the Strength of Youth" conference.© 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

In the centre of an indoor basketball court, an image of Jesus Christ on a large piece of fabric was surrounded by multiple empty squares. Each youth had the opportunity to write their message in one of the squares.

Two of the conference organisers, Kym and Brad Smith, saw this activity unfold. Kym described it in this way: “In their own time, youth were invited to literally move closer to Christ as they approached the artwork, knelt, chose a square and began to share their thoughts and feelings of Christ. The room was silent. As the youth finished and stood, they felt compelled to encircle the artwork arm in arm continuing to contemplate the feelings of the spirit they were experiencing, and reflecting upon what they had just witnessed.”

She added, “As the activity drew to a close, all were reluctant to move on from what they were feeling, but they were reminded that they can experience those feelings every day wherever they are as they follow the counsel of our Prophet, Russell M. Nelson, and seek to ‘make time for the Lord in their life each and every day.’”

One young participant, Adele S. from Brisbane, said, "FSY was one of the best experiences I’ve had. This was my second and last FSY and I was really nervous to attend and I prayed a lot. I was especially nervous for who would be in my group and my company. I was blessed to meet some of the best people I’ve ever met. The girls in my group are now people I would gladly call family. On Thursday we participated in the Living Christ activity. I entered the room and answered the last question: ‘What would Jesus Christ say to you if he was in the room,’ and I just cried. I had the most distinct impression of writing these words: ‘You are enough. I know who you are. I know your heart and you are worthy. You are beautiful and priceless, of infinite worth, and I love you my sister. I feel everything you go through. I understand. You are so loved. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. You are enough.”

Elder Carl Maurer, Area Seventy (regional leader) in the Church, described the activity as “a wonderful event allowing youth to come closer to the Saviour and record their feelings of Him.”

The Living Christ activity was created by Chelsea Taylor and Rhys Berends.

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