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LDS Charities and Samoan Villagers Work Together to Bring Fresh Water Supply to Community

The small Samoan village of Sauano and its 350 residents occupy a narrow strip of land bounded on one side by a mountain and on the other side by the ocean. Its only source of water is mountain creeks fed by a spring.


During the rainy season the creeks become polluted with dirt, so the water is muddy. During the dry season the spring dries up and there is no water, clean or dirty.

The village has an existing system of catching and storing rainwater, but it is inadequate for the village’s population.


When the water is polluted or dried up and there is no rainwater available from the existing catchment system, the village must rely on its neighbours. Either children are sent to a nearby village to get water or villagers drive their few cars over the mountain to a neighbouring village, fill containers with water and bring them back to Sauano.

Seeking a clean and reliable source of water, the village mayor approached the welfare office of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for assistance. A collaborative approach to providing clean water to villagers was identified, with locals involved in planning, implementation and ongoing management of the project.


After the villagers had constructed concrete bases, ten water tanks and the associated catchment systems were purchased and given to the village.

The project was completed and turned over to Sauano on 10 September 2017. Now the village will have clean water year-round for drinking, cooking and other daily needs.


LDS Charities is a charitable arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Thus far this year LDS Charities has funded 18 projects like this one to help the people of Samoa become more self-reliant in their homes and communities.

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