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Filmmaker Advises Youth to Align Themselves with God and See the Difference 

A Hawaiian filmmaker recently advised a youth audience in New Zealand that if they would align themselves with God, they would see great changes in their lives.

More than 200 youth, young adults, and parents filled the Kerrs Road chapel in Manukau, for a devotional of the Auckland New Zealand Redoubt Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday, 11 June 2023.

The speakers were movie screenwriter Thomas Pa'a Sibbett, his actor wife Marie, and members of their family.

The family is currently in New Zealand filming a series for Apple TV called Chief of War, which Sibbett has co-created alongside fellow Hawaiian, Jason Momoa,

Momoa is well known for his portrayal of DC Comic’s Aquaman, and other roles.

Sibbett is a screenwriter and producer, and his wife, Marie has an acting role in the Chief of War series. The screen writer was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has Māori familial ties.

In his remarks, he emphasized the importance of each person understanding their identity and potential within the context of their faith as followers of Jesus Christ.

He also emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s divine identity, realising your creative potential, taking control of your path in life.

He urged the young people to “align yourselves with God’s plan,” and to “put in the work and put your faith in God.”

Sibbett advised the audience not to limit themselves with words of self-discouragement.

Marie Sibbett discussed her husband's journey, highlighting how his belief in being a child of God has guided their family's path within the film industry. She said that despite many challenges, he remained devoted to his writing while fulfilling his church responsibilities and prioritizing his family.

She also shared the significance of maintaining their gospel standards as a family in the industry. “Others will rise to meet those standards and come to appreciate us more as we keep them ourselves.”

After the devotional, several of those in attendance remarked how these messages of faith inspired them.

Azlyn Tamatoa cited Sibbett’s comments about being children of God with agency to choose one’s own path based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as the emphasis on the importance of self-worth.

Sua'avealetau Loulangting said she appreciated comments on the power of positive words and rejecting limitations based on nationality, culture, or ethnicity.

Lino Leiataua said the importance placed by the Sibbett’s on surrounding oneself with supportive individuals, and recognizing his personal role as a co-creator with God had a profound impact on him.

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