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Ambassador Meets with Tongans Who Have Served as Missionaries in the Philippines

'They have been ambassadors for the Lord and Tonga as missionaries, and are now ambassadors for the Philippines.'

His Excellency, Jesus "Gary" Domingo, the Ambassador for the Philippines to New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa and Tonga, visited Tonga recently and met with a group of returned missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who had served in the Philippines.

He was excited to meet with the group and began the meeting by getting to know each of the former missionaries. He then shared some humorous anecdotes about his initial exposure to the Church.


Excited to hear that there were literally hundreds of missionaries who had served in his country, he made the comment: “They have been ambassadors for the Lord and Tonga as missionaries and are now ambassadors for the Philippines.”

He pointed out that the people of the Philippines related well to those in the Pacific area. He said that of the 10 to 12 million Philippine people who live overseas, 50,000 of them were in the Pacific area.

Ambassador Domingo said that Tongan Church members, like the Filipino people, were family and spiritually-oriented, close to nature, used to subsistence living, and enjoyed being of service to others and their community.

He also said he believed, “the order of [the] universe denotes that there is an ‘Intelligent Designer,’ and that things happen because it is God’s will.”


In addition to applauding the formation of an alumni group of former Philippines missionaries, Ambassador Domingo stated that he loves translating life skills into qualifications.

He would like to develop an educational program in Filipino studies which would empower Filipinos overseas as well as ambassadors like the returned missionaries, who because of their mission experience, have a great love for, and knowledge of the Philippines.

Mormons believe that volunteering to serve a full-time mission as a young adult or senior member is following the example of the Saviour, Jesus Christ who ministered to and served the people of His day.

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