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#LIGHTtheWORLD: Day 18 in the Pacific

Men, women, children, married couples and singles found different ways to honour the Sabbath today, across the Pacific region.


This Christmas season many Latter-day Saints are participating in the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative which includes a 25-day service advent calendar.

Today's emphasis was "Jesus honoured the Sabbath and so can you."

Linda Champlin, an American currently living in New Zealand, said, "I was able to go to church today. As I listened to the talks and lessons I received guidance to the things I need to do. Such as caring less about what the world thinks of me and draw closer to Heavenly Father and recognise His will for me and how I can best serve Him." 

Australian Latter-day Saint, Mark Allen, said, "I honoured the Sabbath by attending church and serving other members of my congregation. I felt the Holy Spirit as I was able to teach others about the birth of the Saviour."

Latter-day Saint missionary, Susan Preator, said, "Though we are often traveling, we attend our church services, whether in a different city or foreign country. As we attended our meetings in Samoa, we enjoyed worshipping through singing beloved hymns."

She added, "We were grateful to renew sacred covenants through taking the sacrament; we were instructed in all three meetings and our testimonies were strengthened; we felt the love and the strong faith of the saints there; and we honoured the Sabbath and our Saviour, Jesus Christ."

New Zealand Latter-day Saint leader, Elder David J. Thomson, said, “I love the Sabbath and look forward to it, like my phone looks forward to being plugged in to the charger each night. I look forward to fellowship with the saints, helping me think of a day in the future when our fellowship with Him will be complete and perfect. What a gift the Sabbath is! What a joy! What a light it brings to each week – His light.”


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