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Young Adults Serve and Thrive During Uncertain Times

On 12 March, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced that church gatherings  worldwide would be suspended as a preventive measure to the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Ecclesiastical leaders for individual stakes and congregations then had the responsibility of finding the most effective way of administering the sacrament and ministering to those in need in their respective congregations. 

Due to suspended church meetings, families are getting creative in the way they worship in their homes and are finding personalized ways of studying the gospel. 


However, the situation is quite different for young adults with no spouse or children in their homes, and who are often away from family members due to relocation for work and university studies.

Home centred, Church supported learning can be more of a challenge when living with flat mates who might differ in faiths or who have just met or work full-time. These young adults often look to church gatherings as an important part of their week. 

For the 100+ young adults of the Auckland YSA 2nd Ward (congregation), attending weekly church meetings and many other church activities is not currently an option. 

Despite suspended church activities, including sports nights, Institute classes and ward Family Home Evening, young adults are staying optimistic throughout these difficult times.

Bishop Stephen Dil of the Auckland YSA 2nd Ward has reminded his ward members to reach out to those in need and to stay safe in Facebook posts he’s shared. 

Recent posts include, "I have confidence that we will get through the challenges that lie ahead. We may not be able to physically meet, but we can still stay connected and keep an eye out for each other. Stay safe and stay home." 

Ward member Melody Parker said she has been able to better implement the principle of ministering since the suspension of Sacrament meetings.

“I personally love ministering and reaching out to people I love and letting them know I genuinely care and love them regardless of what life brings them,” Melody said.

Melody said she ministers to her friends by messaging them with good news, a song, a book, or just an impression.

“Trust that good things come from bad experiences. Trust that God knows what he is doing,” she added.

Kasian Tini, of the elders quorum presidency, said he’s started to do more family history from home since church services have been suspended.

Despite the uncertainty of what the future holds, Kasian said thinking about someday meeting the Saviour has brought him the most joy.

“I imagine it’ll be like coming home after a long journey on foot,” Kasian said.

Although there is no telling exactly when church services will resume, young adults in Auckland remain hopeful and helpful throughout this time of isolation. 

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