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Worldwide Youth Leader Invites Fiji Teenagers to 'Come and See Jesus'

Sister Emily Belle Freeman, Young Women General President for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, arrived in Fiji today and spoke to teens attending a “For the Strength of Youth” (FSY) conference held at the Church College campus in Suva Fiji.

Introducing herself to the youth, President Freeman noted that “we have something in common.”

She said, “This is my first FSY since I was called as the Young Women General President, and this is your first FSY in Fiji.” 


Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, a member of the Pacific Area Presidency of the Church; his wife, Sister Amy Jaggi; and their daughter Eliza are visiting the FSY conference with President Freeman and her husband, Brother Greg Freeman, this week.

Elder Jaggi shared his feelings about “the happy moment when he heard President Freeman’s name announced” during the April 2023, General Conference. He raised his hand high to sustain her as the newest Young Women General President.

President Freeman shared a special moment when her grandparents, McKinley (Mickey) and Belle Oswald, were called to be senior missionaries in Fiji. She said that they trusted that they “could do all things through Christ” and helped to increase Church attendance from six people to a Church building filled with people.

“Grandfather didn’t like to speak in front of people,” she said. “But the moment that President Thomas S. Monson invited him to speak to a large gathering of Fijian Latter-day Saints, he said, ‘I will do it in the strength of the Lord.’”

President Freeman also taught about Jesus finding Phillip, and then Phillip finding his friend Nathaniel, and telling him: “We have found [Jesus]... come and see” (John 1:43-46).

“FSY is a place filled with holy moments,” she said. “We are going to experience holy moments together that we will always remember. Jesus Christ is at FSY. I invite you to ‘come and see.’”


President Freeman serves with two counsellors in the Young Women General Presidency: Sister Tamara W. Runia; and Sister Andrea Muñoz Spannaus.

Together they are responsible for supporting young women ages 12 to 18 as they serve in the Church and prepare to make temple covenants as soon as they are ready after age 18.

Members of the Young Women General Presidency travel frequently to minister to Church members around the world and to strengthen the young women of the Church.

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