The Voice of Religious Conscience

Third in a five-part series on why faith matters to society

“The great questions of human existence … belong to us all. Seeking to answer them in fidelity to our hearts and consciences is one of the noblest of all human activities.” — Wilfred McClay[1]

Societies are loud things. Confusing things. There seem to be as many opinions and beliefs as there are individuals. And everyone wants to be heard.

Whether it’s elections, education or the economy, people speak out on the issues they care about. Religious believers are passionate about the same issues but offer perspectives informed by their faith. And because religion occupies such a large space in the spectrum of human life, the range of solutions would be smaller without the voice of religious conscience.

A premise of free speech is that we can never know where wisdom will come from. So, if competing voices are allowed to speak freely, that wisdom is bound to come through. 

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