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Solomon Islands Latter-day Saints Rally to Fill Depleted Blood Bank

A recent newspaper appeal in the Solomon Star for blood donors was answered by local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

It is customary for people of the Solomon Islands to donate blood to assist only their close family members in times of a medical emergency. So donating on behalf of strangers was out of many donors' comfort zones.

In December last year a Solomon Islander Latter-day Saint became gravely ill and was in desperate need of a blood transfusion but there was no matching blood available at the hospital.

Elder David Nish, a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke with some local Latter-day Saints about the situation. 

“Despite their apprehension, many units were donated for general emergency use in the hospital, the patient received her necessary blood transfusion and together with many prayers and blessings, was delivered of a beautiful baby.”

President Matthew Sauseru, the leader of the local Latter-day Saint congregation, viewed the incident as an opportunity to not only assist both the community and an individual, but to also be a teaching moment for all members of the Church. He encouraged and promoted the concept of donation of blood for general use, the spirit of service to our fellow beings in times of need and the moral obligation to respond to pleas of assistance.

The Red Cross set up their portable blood donor station for the blood drive at the Latter-day Saints’ Honiara meetinghouse.

When asked why he decided to donate blood, David Ifuna’au smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“It was easy after the small prick of the needle.”

Elder Nish was grateful for the support of local Latter-day Saints. “Many members of the Church, including President Sauseru, arrived willing and ready to donate their blood in order to replenish the dwindling blood supply,” he said.

Future blood drives are being planned says Elder Nish.  “We believe it is a great way to show the willingness of the members to serve their brothers and sisters.”






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