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Reflections on General Conference  

Debbie Nicholson of Picton, New Zealand, found hope, inspiration, and motivation from the messages shared at the recent 190th Annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  For the past several months, she has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and found one message especially inspiring.  


Joy D. Jones, Primary General President, spoke on "An Especially Noble Calling."  In her address, she showed a short video of President Russell M. Nelson meeting with Sister Jones and several Primary children.  One of them, Pearl, asked President Nelson if it was hard to be a prophet. 

He replied, “Of course it’s hard. Everything to do with becoming more like the Savior is difficult. For example, when God wanted to give the Ten Commandments to Moses, where did He tell Moses to go? Up on top of a mountain, on the top of Mount Sinai. So Moses had to walk all the way up to the top of that mountain to get the Ten Commandments. Now, Heavenly Father could have said, ‘Moses, you start there, and I’ll start here, and I’ll meet you halfway.’ No, the Lord loves effort, because effort brings rewards that can’t come without it."

Sister Jones reiterated, "We keep climbing our personal Mount Sinai. As in times past, our journey does indeed take effort, hard work, and study, but our commitment to progress brings eternal rewards."

In speaking of her fight against cancer, Debbie Nicholson said, "My inspiration is to continually climb my own Mount Sinai to make every effort possible."

She continues, "I was touched by Sister Jones' talk because nothing great comes from not putting in any effort to bring something about. That message from President Nelson really touched my heart. I resolved to not moan from effort that is required sometimes when we think things are too hard and seem to be constantly climbing uphill. I thought my life was on track before my diagnosis, however, I have since realised that not all I think is important is truly important in my life. I am resolved to taking a year or more if needed, to concentrate on getting well again. I am documenting daily events to contribute to my book, 'The Mind of A Breast Cancer Survivor,' which I am writing in advance with all hope and faith that the title was inspired along with the graphics to accompany the words."

In another part of New Zealand, Shayne and Lomé Strom and their 5 children were prepared and ready for general conference. Lomé noted that their family were ready and willing participants in the five sessions - which started at 4 am in New Zealand. 


They had set some family goals prior to the conference and were encouraged to keep working on their goals.  "We are inspired from General Conference to continue to fulfill our goals, shine our lights more, and continue on in joy, with gratitude to our God and His Son, Jesus Christ." 

She continues, "What a wonderful, inspired, spiritual weekend. Every message was so amazing and powerful."  Shayne noted, "I felt so peaceful and reverent."

On her Facebook page, Lomé included a favourite quote which Jeffrey R. Holland, of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, shared in his address, "A Perfect Brightness of Hope." "May we press forward with love in our hearts, walking in the 'brightness of hope,' that lights the path of holy anticipation that we've been on now for 200 years." 

Watch, listen to, or read all sessions of the general conference here

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