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New Mission President: 'Our Purpose is to Preach and Invite Others to Jesus Christ'

The Fiji Sun newspaper reported today on the Wakolo family as they prepare to leave Fiji for three years of missionary service.

Taniela and Anita Wakolo will be leading a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Little Rock, Arkansas in the United States.

They will be leading, teaching and providing other support to young missionaries as well as senior couples also serving missions in the area.

Mormon missionaries set aside 18 months to two years to teach others about the gospel of Jesus Christ and provide service in the communities where they live. Missionaries receive no pay and they or their families pay their expenses.

“I am excited about the call to serve God and I am happy that my wife and two children will be accompanying me,” Elder Wakolo, 46, told The Fiji Sun.

“This is the first time I will be going on a mission and will join 210 young men and women who are there to serve God.”

“God is sending us to a place we have little knowledge of and we are depending on Him for his guidance throughout the mission.”

“Our purpose is to preach and invite others to Jesus Christ.”

Anita Wakolo told the newspaper:  “It will be an opportunity to serve with him. It has taken a lot of pounding and searching through the scriptures to prepare for the three years adventure.”

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