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Elder Rasband Meets with Missionaries in Queensland, Australia

Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with over 260 missionaries in Queensland, Australia on Saturday 16 March 2024.

There are more than 200 young missionaries currently serving in the Australia Brisbane Mission, part of a worldwide missionary program of over 72,000 volunteers. In addition, there are almost 60 senior missionaries also serving in the Brisbane mission.


Elder Rasband was accompanied by Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Presidency of the Seventy, and his wife, Sister Jill Johnson; Presiding Bishop of the Church, Bishop Gérald Caussé, and his wife, Sister Valérie Caussé; and Elder Peter F. Meurs, Pacific Area President of the Church, and Sister Maxine Meurs.

Elder Rasband told the missionaries: “If Jesus Christ was here today, I am confident He would say, ‘I love you.’”

He added, “We thank you, and we need you. You are a child of destiny…a part of the gathering of Israel, before the Lord’s coming.”

The Apostle said, “I testify that the leaders of the Church are no strangers to the voice of the Lord, especially the Prophet, President Russell M. Nelson. When he asks us to ‘Think Celestial,’ or to ‘be peacemakers,’ or to ‘Let God prevail, or to ‘Hear the voice of the Lord,’ we can trust him and hearken to his counsel.”

Elder Rasband told the missionaries: “We are coming into the sacred time of Easter, Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. I know Jesus is the Mighty Healer, with healing in His wings. You are His servants. Go forward, proclaim His truth, invite people to come unto Christ, and always attend those invitations with your own witness of Jesus Christ.”

Speaking directly to the senior missionaries in attendance: “Thousands of senior members of the Church have responded to the call to serve, and we need tens of thousands.”


Sister Sarah Davison and Elder Skinner Junior Fesolai are two of more than 200 young missionaries serving in the Australia Brisbane Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sister Davison and her missionary companion, Sister Ella Jane Clarke; and Elder Junior Skinner Fesolai and his missionary companion, Elder Rickey Doyle Turner, shared their feelings after attending a special missionary devotional with visiting Apostle Elder Ronald A. Rasband in Brisbane on Saturday 16 March 2024.

After the devotional, Sister Davison shared that Elder Rasband’s devotional reminded her that “the Saviour loves each one of us,” and that “we are all wanted and needed.”

She said that during the devotional she felt blessed to be hearing the words of an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

Sister Davison was inspired to serve a mission at 21 after seeing the sacrifice of her paternal grandparents when they served as senior missionaries in the Church’s Adriatic mission; and her maternal grandparents who served as missionaries in Salt Lake City, United Staes.

"Their sacrifice inspired my sacrifice," she said.

She added that when deciding to serve her mission she “trusted in the Lord’s timing,” knowing the Lord would “qualify what we have and can do.”

Sister Davison is currently serving in the Northlakes area of Brisbane Australia. Her service includes teaching people the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and giving community service in local neighbourhoods.

Elder Fesolai and Elder Turner are currently serving in the Townsville Branch (congregation) in North Queensland.

Elder Fesolai said he felt “genuine love from Elder Rasband’s devotional.”

“I felt secure in the knowledge that God wants and sees each one of us and our efforts.”

Elder Fesolai was inspired to serve his mission through the miracles he witnessed from his grandparents and father’s missionary service. His paternal grandparents served as senior missionaries in Samoa and set a strong example for him.

While on his mission he has seen the blessings visited upon his home congregation where members and new members have helped his home branch grow and become much stronger.

The missionaries of the Australia Brisbane Mission are led by President C. Tum Vongsawad and Sister Jamie L. Vongsawad.

Australia Brisbane Mission 16 March 2024.
Australia Brisbane Mission 16 March 2024.
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