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Relief Society Turns 176

Women from the Auckland Harbour Stake (group of congregations) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered on 18 March 2018 in Auckland to celebrate the 176th anniversary of the organization of the Relief Society.

"The Relief Society was first organized for the better development and exercise of woman's sympathies and charities," Zina D. H. Young, one of the early women in Church leadership, stated.


As a worldwide women's organization of the Church, it provides opportunities for association, leadership, compassionate service, and education.

A group of senior missionaries introduced the theme of the devotional through song with: “A Key Was Turned in Latter Days.” The words of the hymn focus on the organization’s role of giving hope and comfort to those in need.

The Harbour Stake Relief Society President, LeeAnne Hulme, shared that “Throughout the ministry of Jesus Christ, women witnessed and testified of his divinity and mission. As Relief Society sisters today, we have that same responsibility and privilege.”

“As we draw upon the power of Jesus Christ, we can find peace in our individual lives, our homes and communities,” she continued. “I love the spirit of Relief Society that helps us look beyond ourselves; we find fulfilment as we uplift others and, in so doing, feel lifted ourselves”.

Stevie Sikuea, a Relief Society leader, reminded those in attendance that the motto for the organization is "Charity Never Faileth." It expresses the commitment to love and nurture one another, she said, and to minister graciously to the needs of others.

“Love is the foundation for all we do,” shared Cathie Wharemate.

“Relief Society was not man-made or woman-made. It was divinely made, divinely authorized, divinely instituted, divinely ordained of God,” noted Anna Saulala, president of the Relief Society in the Auckland Young Single Adult Second Ward, in Takapuna.Anna Saulala, president of the Relief Society in the Auckland Young Single Adult Second Ward, in Takapuna.Anna Saulala, president


“Sisters, this is our day. This is our time. The Holy Scriptures adorn our bookshelves and our smart phones, our inbox,” Saulala said.

“We must make certain that we take time to provide daily nourishment to our minds and bodies, for our lives.”

President of the Auckland New Zealand Harbour Stake, Douglas Martin, recognized the global as well as local contributions of members of the Relief Society.

He noted that righteous women in our society today are having an enormous impact for good on those around them.

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