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Kiribati School Assembles to Hear 'Go and Do' Missionary Speak

New Zealand music video actor, Elder Theo Magalogo, talks to students

Elder Theo Magalogo and his missionary companion, Elder Applegarth, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke at a devotional for students and staff at Moroni High School in Kiribati on 12 February.

Elder Magalogo is featured in the Church's 2020 youth theme music video, which was filmed in New Zealand. 

He spoke about his experience while filming the video and challenged the youth to feel the Saviour's influence in their lives.

  A highlight at the devotional was hearing the Moroni High School choir sing "Go and Do" for Elder Magalogo and others in attendance, in both English and Kiribati.

According to Moroni High School teacher, Ataake Tekanene, "The room was packed with over 700 students and the staff (of over 30), including the principal and the vice principals."

Elder Magalogo "had the eyes and ears of everyone right from the start of his address to its end."

Tekanene continued: "It was interesting first of all because no one had ever seen in person an actor (celebrity). They could not believe that someone from the film would be standing in person in-front of them!!!!"

"It was also interesting," he said, "when he related to the students and staff how he got selected from among the 700+ people who want to audition in that video clip. How he went through the anxiety and worry when the process of screening out or eliminating the 700+ in order to get four right people took place in four stages.

"He patiently endured the process and was elated when he was finally accepted to play the role of one of the characters in that video clip."

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