How Charitable Donations by Australians are Helping People Around the World

The origins and impact for good of LDS Charities Australia

"A man filled with the love of God, is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the entire world, anxious to bless the whole human race." Joseph Smith Jr. 1840.

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around the world are invited to donate tithes and other charitable donations to help fund the programs of the Church, as well as humanitarian projects benefitting communities in need.


Australian Latter-day Saints have generously donated to the Church for many years. This has made it possible for Australian Church members to help communities across the globe where needs are greatest.

A Full Federal Court ruling in 2014 interpreting the law governing charities in Australia led to the Church establishing LDS Charities Australia (LDSCA). This allowed Australian donations to be used for overseas aid projects that satisfy Australia charities and tax rules. All uses of charitable donations in Australia are checked against those rules before any such donation is made by LDSCA to ensure that the funds are used to relieve poverty or distress, including sickness, disability, destitution, suffering, misfortune, or helplessness.

Since 2015, LDSCA has worked directly with many other charitable organisations—such as UNICEF, CARE, World Food Program, Rahma Worldwide, Catholic Relief Services, and others—to come to the aid of individuals, families, and communities around the world.

Emergency response and relief development projects have benefitted communities in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Pacific Islands, and other locations.

Projects funded by LDSCA include disaster relief after natural and man-made disasters, refugee support, COVID-19 relief, clean water initiatives, medical supplies, and food security initiatives to relieve poverty, suffering, and distress.

For example, in 2020 and 2021, LDSCA funded 243 projects in 62 countries benefiting approximately 18 million individuals.

In addition to donation of their money, Latter-day Saints around Australia and around the world regularly donate their time and talents to serve in their communities. The Church’s culture of caring for those in need includes its worldwide full-time missionary program in which tens of thousands of Church members (young men and women, as well as mature couples) voluntarily serve their fellow men and women near and far for 18 to 24 months. Missionary service includes humanitarian, self-reliance, education, medical, dental, agricultural, and other service to communities.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organised and operates in Australia and other countries and territories according to the laws of the land. Its members seek to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ by loving God and their neighbours, including the poor and the needy. The free will donations used by LDSCA are part of the global relief efforts of the entire Church to come to the aid of those in need of relief from poverty or distress, and are best seen in that light.

Elder Carl Maurer, a regional leader of the Church in Queensland, said: “I’m grateful to be a member of a church that offers opportunities to love God and love others. I’m grateful for the many Australian Latter-day Saints who make donations that are used to lift lives, fortify families, and contribute to caring communities across the world. At the heart of this effort is our Saviour Jesus Christ. He showed the way for us to care for one another, and makes it all possible.”


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