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Gifts of Love to Women from Women in French Polynesia

Pu o te Hau shelter receives donations of food and hygiene kits

Each year the Women’s Council of French Polynesia organizes a celebration to pay homage to Polynesian women.

As the two representatives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the women’s council, Miresa Buchin and Marie Jeanne Marcillac accepted the invitation to organize the Relief Society’s booth for the three-day exhibition at the Assembly Hall of French Polynesia.

They provided information about genealogy, family food storage and self-reliance courses.

Above all, they wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day by helping others. They organised donations for the women and children of the Pu o te Hau shelter by collecting food, hygiene and beauty kits, and snacks for the children.

Church leader Benjamin T. Sinjoux said: “Every donation represents a blessing and a healing balm for each family in distress at the women’s shelter. I am thankful for [the members of] the Relief Society who readily supported this initiative.”

Miresa Buchin explained, “People who came to the Church’s booth expressed strong interest in learning about their genealogy. Women of the Relief Society were at our booth providing relief and some piece of joy to suffering women and children.”

Marie Jeanne Marcillac added: “We are happy to donate these essential products to help restore some dignity to the beneficiaries. Once again, our people have felt the joy of giving and sharing love as they embarked with one heart and one mind in this project.”


President of the Women’s Council of French Polynesia, Chantal Galenon, expressed: “Your acts of charity are telling these women they are loved and cared for. They will remember that there are selfless women ready to come to their aid. I am always grateful for how the Church, through its women’s organisation, works wonders.

One woman, who was a former resident of the shelter, visited the Church’s booth and said: “I am so touched to see that you are supporting the women’s shelter. They need this; they will appreciate this. When I was at the shelter, each gift provided was such a solace to our bruised hearts and suffering minds.”

Elder Sinjoux concluded: “These simple acts of kindness embody the tender mercy of God for every one of His children, as He declared, “And by your hands, I will work a marvelous work among the children of men.(Doctrine & Covenants 18:44).

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