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French Polynesian Roundtable Participants to Guide Youth Policies 

French Polynesia’s Minister of Youth and Sports, and Crime Prevention, recently attended The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ “For the Strength of Youth” Conference, held in Papara, Tahiti. That event has led to further discussions with Church leaders. 

Elder Frederic Riemer, Area Seventy, met Minister Nahema Temarii recently, to continue discussions that began while she participated in the conference. The minister had previously mentioned her desire to bring the Church into the roundtable discussions on youth policy in French Polynesia.   

These roundtables are developing a roadmap for youth policy in the island nation and will be based on broad consultation with various stakeholders, including those with religious affiliations. 

“The Church is ready to help and participate in the roundtables set up by the government through the youth ministry,” Elder Riemer said. “We have made it clear that the Church doesn't get involved politically, but everyone is encouraged to be active politically and to choose the party of their choice.” 

“With that being said, this is an excellent opportunity for the Church to be involved in these discussions,” Elder Riemer stated. 

He said Church youth resources were offered for review, and the Church’s Gospel Media app was also shared, along with a willingness to collaborate. 

Minister Temari noted that she had been to the youth conference where she saw hundreds of young people given opportunities to learn new skills. “I've seen young people being looked after with a lot of enthusiasm and consideration.  

“With the manuals presented and the Church being deployed on social media, I see that [the Church] knows how to do it, and you have the tools and the methodology," she said. 

The Minister said it’s been twelve years since French Polynesia had a blueprint for youth policy.  She said it’s important that everyone works to develop a multi-year youth strategy with a plan of action.  

“We need everyone. What our country will become tomorrow must be based on a collective decision,” Minister Temari said. 

Elder Riemer said the Church is pleased to see a shift in the consideration of the perspective of religious organisations in recent years. “There has been a greater opening to linking religious organisations in public policy, especially since COVID, and former President [Édouard] Fritch repeatedly brought together people of different religious beliefs,” he said. 

“It is great to see that this government is continuing down this path and even willing to go further. Families need spirituality and the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring balance to their lives."  

Elder Riemer has also recently met with the Minister of Solidarity and Housing Minarii Galenon-Taupua to discuss family-centered public policies. 

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