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First Batch of Songs in New Church Hymnal to be Digitally Released This Weekend  

The first 13 songs in a new hymn book for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be digitally released this Friday, 31 May (or 30 May in the United States).

It will be the first new hymn book for Latter-day Saints since 1985.

Families and congregations of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Pacific Area are looking forward to the new hymns, many of them representing cultures and languages from across the world. 

One of the characteristics of Latter-day Saint worship services is the music of choirs, soloists, small groups and entire congregations. Sacred music is considered a form of worship and brings joy to many.

“The song of the faithful is a joy to both singer and listener,” said Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, of the Pacific Area Presidency.

“We are delighted that members and friends of the Church across the Pacific Area will have new hymns, from around the world, to sing from this weekend. Who knows, perhaps in some congregations, some of these new songs will be sung this Sunday in sacrament meetings?”

“What a joyous opportunity we have before us to sing together in our homes and meetinghouses, songs of faith, songs of rejoicing, songs of devotion to our Father in Heaven and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ. Faith will grow as we sing and worship together.”

Elder Jaggi added, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see people posting videos of themselves, their families, and their choirs singing these new songs on social media? What a great way to share the joy of worship and music with one another?”

Learn more about the new hymns in this video:

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