News Release

Collecting Rainwater a Blessing in Salani and Moata’a, Samoa

Water is a very precious commodity and the villages of Salani and Moata’a recently received help capturing some of that value.


LDS Charites, the charitable arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently joined with the Assembly of God Church and the village of Salani to assist twenty families that had no water service.

The organisation supplied water tanks and rain catchment systems to enable villagers to collect fresh rain water from the roof of their church.

The handover ceremony, where the Assembly of God pastor expressed his profound gratitude, was broadcast locally.


The village of Moata’a, located on the island of Upolu, suffers when the heavy rains come. Their drinking water becomes contaminated and unhealthy.

LDS Charities partnered with the village committee and recently donated 25 water tanks with rain catchment systems to help the village store water so it will have clean water even during the rainy season.

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