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Brisbane Children Present Easter Devotional

A group of children in Queensland, Australia, recently had the chance to worship during the Easter season, and to develop their leadership skills. 

children dev
children dev
Queensland children who worked to present Easter devotional© 2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

In a special Primary Children’s Easter Devotional, themed, “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus,” 13 children were nominated by their leaders to help to organize, prepare for, and contribute to the event. 

Primary is the worldwide organization for children in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

Devotional gatherings are presentations organized by members of the Church to reaffirm their commitment to Jesus Christ and to invite others to come unto Him. 

In their first council meeting, Primary leader Heather Robinson discussed with the children what a devotional is, and how they could present one.  

She shared, “The children were a bit shy and nervous at first, but with some encouragement and prompting, the children were able to suggest what they could do and then children volunteered or were invited to carry out specific assignments.” 

Eleven-year-old Audrey Sunnex said of the experience, “Helping to organize the primary devotional made me feel special. I liked that my thoughts meant something to the adults. It was fun.” 

On 24 March, over 300 family members and friends from the Coomera and Beenleigh areas enjoyed the devotional.  

Halle, a young girl learning to play the piano, helped with the prelude music by playing the children’s song, “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.” 

Eleven-year-old Audrey played “Baptism” on her violin. She then welcomed everyone, acknowledged those who were presiding, special visitors… and said, “Thank you everyone for coming along and bringing a smile.”  

children dev
children dev
Audrey Sunnex conducts Primary devotional in Brisbane© 2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

The child leaders shared prayers, testimonies, and presentations in expressing their feelings about Jesus Christ.   

Nine-year-old Leah Benson opened the meeting with prayer. She later said, “I learned that working together with other children made small ideas into a huge devotional. And I learned that Jesus loves me so much that He died for us.”  

Peyton and Irie shared their testimonies of the Saviour. Seven-year-old Lilly, who recently learned how to lead music, stood on a footstool, and led the congregation for the opening song. All the children sang the songs with the congregation with strength and conviction.

Brooklyn and Ariana sang “The Miracle” with the congregation joining in the chorus, “Jesus is a God of miracles.” Another musical item depicted the life of the Saviour through the medley, “Away in a Manger/ Baptism/ I Think When I Read that Sweet Story.” 

Lilly led a drawing activity centred on Jesus Christ. 

Haawai and his puppet teach about Jesus Christ in Brisbane devotional© 2024 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

Haawai brought his special puppet friend ‘Isaac’ from the Queensland Theatre of Puppetry for a surprise puppet talent presentation related to the theme. 

A media presentation introduced by Levi and Ava featured several of the children who were previously interviewed by other children.   

They answered the questions: ‘What is your favourite story about Jesus?”; ‘If you had a story with Jesus, what would it be like?’, and ‘How has Jesus helped you?”  

Local Coomera Church leader, President David Ubeda, shared his testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel.  

For the closing hymn, the children sang with conviction and joy, “Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the Most High God.”  

According to one adult who attended, seeing future leaders rise to their potential, share their talents, and ‘push through the butterflies’ was an amazing experience for their leaders and families to witness. 

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