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‘We Serve Those in Need Because We Seek to Obey the Two Great Commandments,’ Elder Nattress Says

In a meeting on Tuesday 20 December, Elder K. Brett Nattress, Pacific Area President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, thanked Helen Robinson, CEO of Auckland City Mission, for the charity’s work to alleviate suffering and provide hope and help to thousands of people each year.

“The important and extensive work of the Auckland City Mission reminds me of the two great commandments, as taught by Jesus Christ—to love and obey God, and to love and serve our neighbours,” he said.

On behalf of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Nattress gave a cash donation to Auckland City Mission to support its ongoing charitable work.

Auckland City Mission 20 December 2022
Auckland City Mission 20 December 2022
Left to right: Richard Hunter; Daniel Nelson; Moses Armstrong, Elder K. Brett Nattress; Helen Robinson. 20 December 2022.© 2022 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.

“Our association with Auckland City Mission staff and volunteers goes back several years, and we want to continue that friendship, so we can, together, bless more lives,” Elder Nattress said.

“Our missionaries and many of our members take part in voluntary service here at the Auckland City Mission,” he said. “We hope this voluntary support can continue and expand. It blesses the recipient, as well as the person giving the service. And we believe that our Lord and Saviour is pleased when we work together to uplift and strengthen those who are suffering.”

“This donation, as well as others like it, is made possible due to the generous giving of members of the Church of Jesus Christ here and overseas. We are grateful that so many are focused on loving God and His children, through charitable donations and volunteer service,” Elder Nattress said.

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