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‘Action of the Heart’ Helps Women with Breast Cancer in French Polynesia

Women help other women in a true heart-to-heart project

Women of the Relief Society in French Polynesia, the women’s organisation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, participated in a project to make heart-shaped pillows for Amazones Pacific, an association that supports women with breast cancer.

The women of the Paea Tahiti Stake organized an “Action of the Heart” activity where 213 of the special pillows were sewn, stuffed and lovingly prepared to support women with breast cancer.

Originally designed by an American surgeon, the heart-shaped pillows are placed under the arm to help relieve post-operative pain by reducing tension due to surgery. The “Heart Pillow Project” has become an international charity movement, with volunteers sewing pillows for breast cancer survivors worldwide. 

In French Polynesia, breast cancer affects one in eight women and is the second leading cause of cancer death.

Terangi Bougues is the leader of the Paea Stake Relief Society and she was accompanied by Maite Lilloux and Hiro Tehetia during a recent presentation of the finished cushions to the association.

Noelina Gooding, vice-president of ‘Amazones’, warmly received the delegation and the pillows from the Church.


“We called on your Relief Society organization because we know that you help a lot of people and associations in need,” Gooding said. “It was urgent for us to renew our stock of heart pillows and when we asked, you readily accepted our request. These heart cushions will be used by ‘Amazones,’ as we call our ladies with cancer.”

“I would like to thank the Church for their contribution and this beautiful action of the heart to help women suffering from breast cancer.”

The pillows will be distributed by the Oncology Department at Taaone Hospital in Pape’ete.

Speaking about the project, Terangi Bougues, said, “It is with great joy and love that we participated in this project. Throughout this project, our hearts were filled with the spirit of giving. As it says in the New Testament, ‘It is more blessed to give, than to receive.’” (Acts 20:35). 

“This heartfelt action was a way of sharing the joy of serving together and knowing how much comfort these pillows will provide to those who will receive them.”

Editor’s Note: A Stake is a group of congregations.

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