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Missionaries Teach Diabetes Prevention With 'Choose the Right' Rings

Tongan school children learned from missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that a key to banishing diabetes is to choose the right foods.

And to reinforce the message, each student received a CTR ring to wear as a daily reminder.

“CTR means Choose the Right,” said Charmain Murdock from Inkom, Idaho who along with her husband Kent Murdock created a contest between government primary schools as a method of teaching diabetes prevention.

They invited 12 schools to participate. The students competed by performing or showcasing art, essays, poems, skits or songs that focused on choosing the right foods.

The event was judged by government health and education officials. The winning school won 50 new classroom chairs.

When the contest was over, not only did the students know that choosing the right food to eat is key to avoiding the disease, but across Tonga children were proudly wearing a prized CTR Ring.

In two days the welfare services missionary couple distributed 2,500 CTR rings to participating students.

According to Sister Murdock, the rings serve as a constant reminder that “Heavenly Father wants them to choose the right in all they do. That includes choosing healthy foods so they can live longer.”

“The impact of the CTR Rings and the ‘Choose the Right Food’ training was amazing,” she said. “We often have children come up to us in public and show us their rings, with big smiles.

“Each day they see their ring the students are reminded to choose the right way to eat. It will help develop healthy eating habits that will prolong their lives.”

The Murdock’s efforts are part of their church’s continuing initiative to support Ministries of Health and Education in their fight against diabetes.

“The Pacific has some of the highest rates of diabetes in the world,” said Hans Sorensen Pacific Area welfare manager for the Church.

“Over two thirds of all adult deaths can be traced to non-communicable diseases (NCD). Diabetes is the key NCD in this part of the world.”

The CTR Ring, used as a creative diabetes prevention tool by the Murdocks, is normally given to Mormon children age 8 around the world as a reminder to “Choose the Right” way in life both spiritually and temporally.

The right way is following the teachings of Jesus Christ and their parents who want them to be safe and happy.

The slogan “Choose the Right” comes from a popular Latter-day Saint hymn by the same title containing the words: “Choose the right when the choice is placed before you."

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